New 1500ltr
Just $750

We have tanks in many sizes and sure to have one to fit your area. Round is the most effective shape for water storage tanks.


Make that shed into a

water saving machine.

Our range of slim tanks will provide a great space saving solution. They come in different heights and diameters and look fantastic.


Make use of any unused space down the side of your house.

Do you need BIG storage solutions?

We have tanks up to 16,000 litres plus solutions that enable you to have much much more!


Do you have a huge man cave you can use to catch water?

Customer Corner: Our results...........

Des loves his new tank.....

Roger's cosy corner.

 Perfect as a fence  :)

Des wanted drinking water so we installed a first flush unit and he filters the water before drinking.

Roger put these tanks in a unused area which gives him more water through summer for his succulents.

This client used our tanks as the fence between his house and the boundary fence.

Very clever!

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